Installing and migrating new software can be very time consuming and frustrating, especially if a company is not familiar with the process. IT professionals are experts at installing software, but Autodesk software requires an experienced CAD professional that understands the industry and the user’s requirements to customize the installation for each user. Our Autodesk certified professionals use the software and understand the process. We offer efficient and cost effective services by preparing software configurations before arriving onsite. NOAR Technologies can install the software onsite or remotely. NOAR Technologies’ technicians are experts and highly experienced in Network and Standalone installations. Optimization and development of the shared network content are vital for file referencing and they eliminate the need for CAD Managers to update each individual workstation. NOAR Technologies will take the initiative to install and transfer all files from prior versions; confirming with the client during the process that expectations are met.


Regardless of the size of your team, we will design an implementation plan that is very specific to your company’s needs. Your team will hit the ground running after being provided with a customized environment based on your company’s standards and project-based training. With continued mentoring and support, your team will become proficient in no time.


Content development is crucial to a successful software implementation. This involves building the user’s environment and providing tools that support your CAD standards. Drawing templates loaded with layers, symbology, default settings, styles, and label styles are a large part of the content that can be developed. Other customization can include custom structure libraries, configuration of QTO, custom subassembly creation, and field to finish setup.


Mentoring is a great way to help users put their freshly trained skill sets to work. Doing this under the supervision of a seasoned solutions specialist will help the individual gain confidence and avoid mistakes. Think of it as coaching.


If you are having trouble finding that one hire to take care of CAD management in your organization, instead, why not let us do the CAD management for you? We can build templates, custom tools, custom menus, and many other custom solutions. We can also make suggestions for project structure, data management, and file organization. We can be onsite or available through virtual services during those times when you need us to answer questions, maintain software, and provide training.

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