Classroom-style training consists of face-to-face presentations from our Autodesk certified instructors to a group of students. Computers are provided for the hands-on experience. All of our certified instructors have real world experience and enjoy sharing their knowledge and insight with students. The number of students trained is limited to 8. This provides a comfortable pace for the content and time to ask individual questions and to understand how the software applies to you. The atmosphere is relaxed and students leave feeling comfortable knowing the instructor is friendly, always looking to help, and that they can contact the instructor for follow-up Q&A and feedback.


Classroom training provides an interruption free day and allows the individual to concentrate on the class. The accessibility of the Autodesk certified instructor for Q&A, feedback, and one-on-one assistance during the training provides an ideal training environment.


Every client has different needs, expectations, and project demands. NOAR Technologies offers Custom Training to combat these needs and demands. Our professional trainers will customize every detail of a class from the content to the location, dates, and time. We are determined to provide our clients seamless solutions.


NOAR Technologies offer online classes across the United States for everyone to enjoy from their office or home. Our trainers have years of experience as Autodesk University speakers and established industrial leaders. If you are unable to visit our classroom, sign-up for training and connect to our professional trainers directly from any computer equipped with internet access.


With NOAR Technologies project guidance program, one of our certified trainers will come to your location to provide specialized one-on-one training and assistance specifically on the user’s project data. NOAR Technologies project guidance program benefits the professional by providing the full attention of the instructor and the ability to learn “best practices” and procedures with the added benefit of being productive while they learn. Mentoring is offered at an hourly fee and is usually done on a continuous/reoccurring basis, (i.e., every Tuesday). Mentoring is one of our most popular forms of custom training because productivity increases while learning takes place. Often our customers will pass the cost of mentoring on to their clients, as the service is project based and relevant. Mentoring services may also include workflow analysis, the establishment of standards, and procedure documentation.


One-on-One will help you be more productive in less time. One-on-One training provides a focus on your immediate needs and one-on-one interaction where you can ask questions that pertain specifically to you and your workflows. This eliminates other student distractions and subject matters that do not pertain to you. The instructor creates a comfortable working environment and will work with you to create a curriculum tailored to your goals, learning style, and experience level.


  • Focus on your immediate needs.
  • Create a curriculum tailored to your goals, learning style, and experience level.
  • Work with your files to produce real results and receive any files created during training.
  • Have one-on-one interaction where you can ask questions that pertain specifically to you.
  • Comfortable working environment to ask questions that pertain to you.

Customize your training

  • Contact NOAR Technologies to customize one-on-one training.
  • Select location: Classroom, Onsite, or Interactive (web based).
  • Select length of training: full day or in increments of 2-hour blocks.
  • Our certified instructor will discuss subject matter with you so we may tailor the session to you.
  • Provide project files for the instructor to review and customize for one-on-one training.


Class descriptions are provided to summarize course details. Classes are offered continuously throughout the year and utilize certified courseware materials. Complete training syllabus, more detailed descriptions, and custom classes are available upon request. We offer custom classes at your facility and ours. Please contact NOAR Technologies to discuss seamless training solutions for your company.


Foundation/Deliverables – 2 Days

Join us for a great introductory course covering the fundamentals of Drone use to take you business soaring to new elevations and beyond! We’ll cover best practices and options of capturing and delivering data. Full overviews of topographical survey, capture volumes of a stock pile, surveying roofs, capabilities for facade inspection and how to fly the drone autonomously to automate and capture photos. Lastly, integrating those photos and generating intelligent 3D point clouds for data extraction. Take advantage of the commercial aspect of using UAV’s for Architectural, Civil, and Survey projects. Learn about different UAV’s and how to take that exciting first flight. If you have a Drone, bring it to class or test drive one of ours!

*Contact NOAR Technologies for upcoming classes and full agenda 248-906-2375 or email


LEICA High Definition Laser Scanning – 4 days

Become a High Definition Laser scanning professional in 4 days. This class starts with one day in the field operating the latest Leica HDS scanner, capturing existing 3D conditions. Targets will be set for survey control and multiple scans will be registered together to create a point cloud model. This data will be used to develop site and roadway topographical maps in Leica HDS software and is delivered in traditional Autodesk formats.

*Custom classes are available; speak with NOAR Technologies for more information immediately 248-906-2375 or email


AutoCAD/AutoCAD LT Level 1- 3 Days

Learn the basic aspects of 2D drafting/design in AutoCAD. With the beginning user in mind, the necessary tools, methods, and procedures are covered in a condensed 3-day class to maximize learning.

AutoCAD Level 2 – 3 Days

Completed the AutoCAD Basic class or already feel comfortable with CAD? This class covers more of the complex and powerful features in AutoCAD, such as layer filters, blocks and attributes, external references, OLE, raster image support, basic paper space/model space, data management, introduction to 3D, introduction to customizing, and more.


For the AutoCAD user who is preparing to make the move from an older version to the current version of AutoCAD. The course features one half-day of hands-on exercises outlining the new features found in AutoCAD.

AutoCAD Architecture/MEP

AutoCAD Architectural Essentials – 3 days

An overview of the basic functions of AutoCAD Architectural; this class will focus on space planning, creating wall styles, door & windows, building design tools, annotation, and basic 3D building design.

Advanced AutoCAD Architecture – 3 days

Designed to cover the more advanced functions of AutoCAD Architectural, this class includes mass elements and grouping, space planning and areas, advanced wall and structural tools, advanced block and layout tools, creating object styles, layer management, display properties, window assemblies, and curtain walls.

AutoCAD MEP Essentials– 3 days

This class focuses on the rationale and practicality the process of creating projects in MEP, rather than a series of independent commands and tools. The goal of each lesson is to help you complete your projects successfully. Tools are introduced together in a focused process, with a strong emphasis on “why” as well as “how”. The goal is to utilize AutoCAD MEP software to create mechanical, electrical, and plumbing designs and calculations. You will learn how to use AutoCAD MEP to create construction documents that are reflective of industry standards and expectations.

*Custom classes are available; speak with NOAR Technologies for more information immediately 248-906-2375 or email

AutoCAD Civil 3D

Autodesk Civil 3D Core Concepts – 2 Days

For individuals that require the essentials of Civil 3D, this class is an introduction to Autodesk Civil 3D and starts with an overview of the user environment. Each user will create and manage points and create, edit, label and manage parcels, alignments. They’ll also create existing profiles. Typically, engineering design tasks are not part of this class.

Autodesk Civil 3D Engineering Design Concepts – 4 Days

For individuals who have already taken the Core Concepts class and are seeking or are required to complete Civil engineering design tasks. The focus on this class is an overview and a dive into the fundamentals of design. This class will show engineers and designers how to use Autodesk Civil 3D to generate roadway design, storm sewer networks, interim and final grading surfaces, and how to calculate quantities for site and roadway designs. Cross sections are generated, plan production tools are applied to generate plan and profile sheets, plans are produced with data shortcuts to share object data between drawings, and to label information.

Autodesk Civil 3D Survey Functionality – 1 Day

For individuals that download survey equipment or receive files directly from total stations and/or GPS units, and are looking for proper techniques for coding methods to generate linework. This class will focus on importing data from an ASCII or field book file directly into the survey database and the methods for organizing and editing the observed data to generate pre-engineering base plans. This class typically does not include operating survey equipment in the field.

*Custom field classes are available upon request to achieve implementation goals if necessary.

Project Preparation Training

Individuals that have completed the Core Concepts and Engineering Design Concepts class are recommended for Project Preparation Training. This training utilizes the client’s content and replicates project workflows. This is an ideal training environment and summarizes each aspect of the training that was separated into chapters previously. These functions are brought together to represent real world workflows. The knowledge that they have learned is transpired from this review and confidence is achieved. Each team member feels secure and ready to apply the new software for production.

Civil 3D Collaborative Training

This training is meant for software teams or individuals responsible for managing and updating Civil 3D content. Like an artist that has a unique painting style, each engineering company develops plans to reflect their own designs. In Civil 3D, styles control the visual elements of objects, labels, and tables. Not just layer, color, and linetype, but actual data that is displayed. As unique engineering situations arise, styles will need to be developed. This class will focus ½ of its time on creating, maintaining, and managing content. The second half of the day will feature procedures to share data, drawings, and workflows. Ultimately it is important to structure, maintain, and organize data for multiple user environments.

Advanced Training for Specific Engineering Objectives

The Core Concepts and Engineering Design Concepts training is an overview and emphasis is put on the fundamentals. The Project Preparation training summarizes these fundamentals and introduces them to familiar content and workflows. The Advanced training is a single focus on an engineering deliverable. Individuals apply their knowledge of Civil 3D to bring each element together and learn how to apply multiple elements into a collaborative engineering deliverable. This training also utilizes client’s content and should be based off an existing project or topo.

  • Content creation (styles)
  • Commercial site design
  • Interchange design
  • Advanced roadway design
  • Designing intersections and cul-de-sacs
  • Residential design
  • Creating and managing plan sets
  • Sustainable design
  • Storm sewer design (Hydroflow)
  • Flow analysis – detention ponds, flood plans, ditch design, and swales

*Custom classes are available; speak with NOAR Technologies for more information immediately 248-906-2375 or email


Autodesk Navisworks– 3 days

This class focuses on collaborating with multiple software platforms essential for building information modeling (BIM). Students will view 3D models from projects to comprehend real-world workflows. Revit, Civil 3D, and Point Cloud data will assist the design, communication, and collaborative workflows from start to finish.

*Custom classes are available; speak with NOAR Technologies for more information immediately 248-906-2375 or email


Autodesk Revit Architecture – 4 days

Become productive immediately by utilizing building information modeling (BIM) design software. With a primary focus on fundamentals, you will work with real-world examples and workflows. Learn how to capture and analyze concepts through design, documentation, and construction. Topics include understanding the Revit interface and workflow, developing a 3D model with custom stairs and curtain walls, reflective ceiling plans, lighting fixtures, sheet creation, schedules, details, tips, tricks, and even troubleshooting.

Autodesk Revit MEP Essentials – 3 days

The primary focus is concentrated on the core concepts of design and analyzing MEP systems with building information modeling (BIM) design software. Architects and engineers benefit as they collaborate on projects. Students explore the user interface, views, models, and set up projects the first day. HVAC, piping, plumbing, and electrical wraps up day two. On day three, you will be running interference checks, detailing, annotating, scheduling, and creating sheets.

*Custom classes are available; speak with NOAR Technologies for more information immediately 248-906-2375 or email


NOAR Technologies provides custom Scan to Bim classes and specializes with Autodesk deliverable. Please contact us for detailed class description, dates and times.

Autodesk 3DS Max Design – 2 days

The focus of this class is on the basic operating aspects of Autodesk MAX. Topics include working in a 3D environment, object creation and modification, basic animation, application and editing of material maps, lighting, and more.

Autodesk Map 3D – 3 days

A three day class focusing on GIS and mapping concepts, ADE fundamentals, node data input, thematic mapping, flood tracing, map book plotting, drawing cleanup features, SQL links, object data management, coordinate conversion, defining and executing queries, accessing and editing geospatial information that may reside in ESRI®, and other GIS data formats.

Autodesk Raster Design – 1 day

This class covers the concepts needed to work with Autodesk Raster Design in AutoCAD. Image insertion, correlation, tiled, images, rubber sheeting, raster editing/cleanup, histogram, editing, raster to vector conversion and more.

*Custom classes are available; speak with NOAR Technologies for more information immediately 248-906-2375 or email

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