Existing conditions play a key role in the process to lay out construction project management and execution. Capture over 1 million points per second of your ground layer and avoid costly remeasurements


Improve daily processes with real-time data from the ground and the sky to mitigate risks and track process with HDS scanning and UAVs


Poor trust is often met with high costs. Implement collaborative document storage to mitigate the costly inefficiencies of communication delays


Discover emerging strategies for standardizing data and how to use them. Learn how to build your own risk mitigation strategy by implementing a conducive workflow that focus on collaboration, safety, and time management


By utilizing the latest technology to capture existing conditions within millimeters of accuracy you can mitigate risk and define with ease and efficiency which structures can be built. The more constructible a structure is, the more economical it will be


Take high quality images and create 3D scans with drones and laser scanners capable of capturing professional grade data at a fraction of the cost of other methods


Stay ahead of your competition by adopting innovative machinery and workflow modifications and enable advancement in the field


Construction combines art with science to form structures, systems, and complex networks of interconnecting mechanisms. The framework of construction is carefully assessed by a set of rules to form the unified whole.

Boundaries and environmental factors contribute substantially to the delays and costly changes made on construction sites. Engineering, construction and building materials have a vital role, especially in a post-pandemic state in which we are recovering our communities. HDS Scanning, UAVs, and Autodesk software work cohesively to mitigate risk up front with intelligent data that allows design to be places in current existing conditions and monitored for progress as each step and overall project outcomes.


Coordinating your technological needs with NOAR provides an exclusive insight into the latest technologies and innovative workflows to create a collaborative approach to construction processes.Our service does not stop and end with the initial purchase of software and hardware. In fact, we go to work to customize the solution we recommend through our extensive trainings and workflow managements to ensure your success with adoption, implantation, and optimize the return of your investment into technology and your team.

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