Master the Latest AEC & Public Safety Tech with Expert Training

NOAR Technologies provides comprehensive training programs in drone technology, 3D laser scanning, and various software applications used in AEC and Public Safety industries. Our expert instructors cater to all skill levels and ensure you gain the knowledge and confidence to excel in your field.


Get custom training that covers the exact topics you want to know more about, at the level of detail your team needs


The team at NOAR technologies has extensive experience working with the drones, software, and 3D mapping technology we offer. We can use this expertise to help your team avoid common pitfalls and quickly benefit from this tech

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Virtual training reduces the cost of bringing a trainer to your office and allows even remote teams to attend training all at once

training 1 on 1


Onsite support and training available when you need it, just a phone call or email away

training group


Receive the 1-on-1 support you need to master advanced strategies and usages for drones, scanners, and software

training 1 on 1
training classroomtraining 1 on 1training grouptraining 1 on 1
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Product Specific

Ditch general training in favor of product-specific training for the drones, scanners, and software you plan to use


Become an expert in all of the uses and applications of drones and 3D scanners for your industry or business

laptop with 3d diagram being displayed


Eliminate the struggle of implementing a new software program with professional training from our expert team

NOAR Technologies laser scanner

HD Laser Scanning

Need to learn how to best use your HD laser scanner? We can help you with step-by-step training tailored to your application

Services and Rentals

NOAR Technologies provides training on all of the software and hardware that we carry. We understand that getting access to the technology you need is only the first step in implementing these technologies into your operations. We can provide one-on-one training or group training, as well as to answer any questions that you may have as you use the software and hardware.

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We have strong partnership with the biggest brands. That’s why we can offer the best solutions

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