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The speed at which you can complete scans makes a big difference in your company’s ability to finish projects. Where large scans could take a matter of hours, having the right technology can shorten that time to minutes. Pix4D is a photogrammetry software package that supercharges the speed of your map scanning process. You can complete large scans within a few minutes, saving hours of time that can be better spent on other parts of each project.

Pix4D is designed specifically for drone mapping, which is why it is so effective with drones. It uses unique methods of collecting and processing data to speed up the process. More than that, it combines flight programs, desktop processing programs, and cloud storage programs to make your overall workflow faster. There are 11 app modules that you can use to customize your Pix4D workspace for the exact tools that your company needs. With so many tools at your disposal, creating a better, faster, and optimized workflow will make completing projects easier.

Pix4D is used across a variety of industries that routinely need building and construction area scanning. For example, the mining industry uses it to plan mining operations so that they can avoid creating unstable pathways while maximizing yields from operations. The surveying industry effectively uses Pix4D to plan urban development projects so that governments can improve public safety while streamlining transportation and resource utilization. The ways that you can use Pix4D to help your business are only limited to what you can think of.

Autodesk autocad training post
Autodesk autocad training post
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