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Leica HDS

The Leica series of scanners are well-known for producing high-quality, high-definition scans. There is a software program that you can use with your Leica scanners called Leica HDS (High Definition Surveying). It unlocks the full capabilities of Leica scanners focusing on achieving the highest resolution possible. At the same time, it improves the speed and efficiency of data processing to shorten your scanning and processing times significantly.

Creating detailed scans can take a long time with other scanning systems since the scan needs to include more data points. Leica HDS optimizes the scanner so that it can collect and process data at a very high rate. That way, you get more data in the same amount of time, letting you create higher-quality scans.

There are several software packages that fall into the Leica HDS category. Cyclone is the main package and it gives you a robust set of data management and processing solutions. These features include 3D modeling and fly-through imaging to help you visualize data with your team. CloudWorx combines CAD systems with point cloud analysis systems. When combined, you can create large, detailed 3D models that help design teams create better structures. TruView is a good choice for rendering real world scans of facilities, ensuring that they are both accurate and detailed.

Which systems you choose for your business are up to you, but they all give you access to the tools that you need to finish projects quickly. Explore the available Leica HDS systems to see just how powerful your choice of scanner and software can be.

Autodesk autocad training post
Autodesk autocad training post
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