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Cintoo Cloud is a cloud-based application that lets you collect, store, access, manage, and work collaboratively on scan data. As your company collects scan data, it can be stored in Cintoo Cloud. When you need to retrieve that data for analysis, Cintoo gives you a host of tools to make it easier to analyze and visualize scans. Any industry that relies on taking detailed scans of work areas can benefit from the visualization and manipulation tools that Cintoo has available.

Cintoo works with surface and BIM models constructed from 3D laser scanner data. Cintoo has different ways of constructing visuals from scans, including BIM, mesh, and scan data views. Cintoo also addresses one of the biggest problems that affects projects: the ability to work collaboratively. Since the data is stored in the cloud, it is easy to share data with effective version controls built into the platform. You can also work collaboratively on a project in real time thanks to the cloud-based sharing method for the platform. It’s possible for your whole team work together on the same project files at the same time, making it easier to share information and keep projects running smoothly.

Companies around the world trust Cintoo Cloud to handle their scan data. Cintoo has more than 1 billion square feet of scans stored in its system. This is because of how Cintoo can improve your workflow. It makes it easy to collect data, share it, and work in groups to edit the data. By streamlining your collection and data review process, Cintoo can be the key to keeping your projects safe and profitable.

Autodesk autocad training post
Autodesk autocad training post
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