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Autodesk Civil 3d

Processing Power

What makes Autodesk so powerful is its ability to process complex data. 3D scanners take scans by sending a laser beam out and measuring how long it takes to return. By doing this millions of times at different angles, it can make a map of the area.
Processing that point cloud can be hard on software, but Autodesk makes the process easy. All you have to do is feed it the information, and it can turn millions of measurements into an interactive 3D map.

Share Your Data

Autodesk also makes it easy to collaborate with your team by sharing scans and letting multiple people work in a document at the same time. A powerful suite of notation and editing features let you label the scans and make edits as needed to show your team what needs to be done. Everyone can share their work and get feedback in real-time, making projects run smoothly.

Workflow Management Built-In

Create workflows in Autodesk with 3D scans attached to prevent confusion and speed up work. Since everyone can access the same scans, it is easy to coordinate specific parts of a project.

Have your team provide feedback and update the project workflows right in Autodesk so everyone can see what work is done, what is in progress, and what to expect next. Teams stay up-to-date on the project and can work together and autonomously as needed to keep the project on track.

Try Autodesk

When you give Autodesk a try, you don’t have to worry about it fitting your projects. It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, and flexible payment programs so that you can work it into your project. Autodesk is used and recommended by construction companies around the world. Try it to see how it can make your projects easier and faster.

Autodesk autocad training post
Autodesk autocad training post
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