Inspect every inch of your production plant without putting anyone at risk by switching to drone plant inspections


Watch new industrial plants be built remotely, without having to travel to distant locations or renting expensive equipment to take aerial shots with accurate and deployable drones


Increase the amount of monitoring that takes place at your refinery, manufacturing plant, and chemical plant


Make sure that your industrial plant is not causing problems in the surrounding environment with drone inspections of the surrounding area


Improve your facilities security by adding search drones to the team to keep an eye on every inch of the building


Survey the entire plant every time you get the urge with your very own drone that can film footage of all employees, machines, equipment, and more

Power plant at sunset


Experience the benefits of drones, 3D scanners, and innovative software in applications most relevant to your industry


Running industrial plants requires sophisticated tools to keep everything running smoothly. From facility design to operations monitoring, your management team can benefit from having eyes and ears in multiple places at once. Fortunately, 3D laser scanners help you collect the data that you need to manage your business.

Maintain safety and reduce risk to workers by deploying drones to view all aspects of industrial processes while staying safely on the ground.


Partnering with NOAR brings you access to the latest technology, hardware, and software, that can be seamlessly integrated into your existing workflows to optimize your design and inspection quality. Collectively, paired with our team of experts for training and support, NOAR partnerships ensure success across all verticals of your projects. The technology in which your team will become sufficient in will set you apart from your competition, and support your own initiatives of sustainability in your industry.

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