Public Safety

Law enforcement

Add extra “manpower” to aerial searches with drones that can help look for missing people and assess current situations, even in difficult to reach terrains

First Responders

Identify potential hazards in advance with better oversight, avoiding potential hazards and keeping your team safe


See the full scale of the situation with an aerial view accompanied with 4K visual cameras and thermal sensors to quickly transfer aerial data into powerful insights that save time, money, and lives.

accident Reconstruction

Benefit from even more detail with 3D mapping software that provides you with greater details, depths, and data than traditional aerial photography can capture

Crowd Monitoring

Get a bird’s eye view of crowds without having to deploy extra security staff with drones that can show and record everything that’s happening in crowded events


Survey the scene as part of your incident management plans, whether to find missing people in rural areas or to survey the details of a disaster area

Crime Scene Preservation

Document existing conditions of incidents and active crime scenes with high definition scanning (HDS) to increase transparency and create 3D models to preserve evidence in the exact state in which it was found


The goal of sustainability is to create cohesion between current global demands, and securing the environment for future generations. It is an international, cross-disciplinary initiative, in which we challenge our efforts of design & construction, while balancing the environmental and cultural economic impact.

Modern technology can be used in decoding complexities and sparking conversations, accelerating positive impact in sustainability.

Monitoring these sources are often costly in both employee time and project hours. By implementing NOAR solutions, we can tailor workflows that incorporate Leica HDS Scanning, DJI UAV and Autodesk design software to expedite data collection and create a virtual representation that serves as a real-time digital twin of the process or physical objects, resulting in continual operation improvements, as well as future creation and design.


Partnering with NOAR brings you access to the latest technology, hardware, and software, that can be seamlessly integrated into your existing workflows to optimize your design and inspection quality. Collectively, paired with our team of experts for training and support, NOAR partnerships ensure success across all verticals of your projects. The technology in which your team will become sufficient in will set you apart from your competition, and support your own initiatives of sustainability in your industry.

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